Well, it would appear that young William Swinimer has become something of a folk hero in the Christian community.  You would think he had been burned at the stake for refusing to renounce his faith instead of being asked not to wear a T-Shirt that some might feel was offensive.  Obviously nobody in the Christian community would feel it was offensive, but what about the other 85% of the population? 
The T-Shirt in question states “Life is wasted without Jesus” and Swinimer fought the good fight and the school board relented and said he could wear the shirt.
I wonder about the reasoning behind the shirt?  Was William wearing it to lead people into a relationship with Christ?   In one interview Swinimer stated, “ I have my rights as a Canadian citizen”.  If that is really the case, then this isn’t about Jesus it’s about rights.  And Jesus talked about grace, and sacrifice and love, but he never mentioned rights. 
What the decision means is that Christians have won the right to offend, but we have also won the right to be offended. 
Bottom line is this, Jesus told us that the world would know we followed Him by the way we loved, not by what we wore.  Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.