Apparently, April 15th is going to be a big deal this year.  There have been television specials, magazine articles printed, books published and movies re-released.  Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments have all hopped on the train, or more appropriately, got on the boat.  Canada Post has released commemorative stamps and the mint has done a special coin. On one website, there was a listing of 37 different events in and around Halifax that would revolve around the event that happened that day. 
We are even planning an event at our place. We will be having family over, enjoying a special meal and topping it off with a decorated cake.  I understand why we are doing it, the day has a very special meaning in our home.  And while I appreciate it,  I just don’t understand  the fuss the rest of the city is making about our daughter’s twenty-fifth birthday.
We all have priorities and it is difficult to understand why the things that are important to us aren’t nearly as important to others.  Sometimes in church it’s the same way.  We want everyone to feel passionate about the same things as us, but what is really important is being sure that we are passionate about the same things as God.    Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.