Darn, I wish I had of thought of that.  Quebec resident Sylvio Langevin has filed a lawsuit claiming sole ownership of the Earth.  Not to mention all the other planets in our solar system, several of the moons and all of the space that separates them.  Langevin’s explanation was that he wanted to collect planets “like others collect hockey cards.”  That sounds valid, in some bizarre way.
And really,  who are we, collectors of stuff, to criticize Sylvio’s desire to own the solar system? It’s just a matter of degree.
You might wonder what he would do with the Solar System but the vast majority of the world would wonder what we could possible do with the stuff that we have.  I remember hearing a story years ago about a visitor from Africa asking his Canadian host,  Who lives in that house?” They were pointing at the garden shed.  When they explained it was for storing things he couldn’t get over that they would provide a “house” for their stuff. 
It’s not that I’m opposed to stuff, I own a lot of it myself. It’s just another warning for us to be careful about what we “need”.  And I’m kind of bummed that now I won’t get a chance to own the solar system.  Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.