56 years ago, a life was saved and a world was changed.  When 23 year old Joanne Schielbe discovered she was pregnant, she was a student at the University of Wisconsin and she knew two things. She knew she wasn’t in the position to raise her unborn child but she wanted the very best for that child.  Paul and Clara couldn’t have children of their own but they promised Joanne that if she would allow them to adopt her son, that they would do their very best to raise him right and by all accounts they did.
I wonder what the world would look like today if Joanne had of chosen to abort her child instead of allowing him to be adopted?  If she had of decided that his life wasn’t worth her inconvenience and the heartbreak of giving him up? 
We’ll never know because  the decision Joanne made would have a profound impact on how the world looks today.  And that decision was reinforced by the love that Paul and Clara would show the child they had been entrusted with.
So we can only wonder: what would the world  look like today if Steve Jobs had of been aborted instead of adopted?
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.