After I gave blood last week, I decided to enjoy a bowl of soup and a fig newton in exchange for the platelets that had been removed from me.  Before dishing up my bowl of soup from the po,t the volunteer tried some to make sure the temperature was fine and apparently it wasn’t because she burnt her mouth.  The other volunteer seeking to comfort her friend said, “There is nothing worse than burning your mouth.” And her friend agreed.   Well, I immediately thought of at least a dozen things worse than burning my mouth and that didn’t even include being eaten by a bear.
Denn being Denn, sometimes when I hear someone make a, “there is nothing worse than. . .” statement, I will offer suggestions of things that might be worse.  “What about . . .?”  Normally my suggestions are not considered helpful.
With the exception of, “dying and going to hell”, in most cases there is something worse than whatever it is that we are experiencing right now.  Even if you were eaten by a bear you would at least have the notoriety.   Let’s be careful that we aren’t guilty of blowing some things out of proportion while ignoring the obvious blessings that surround us. 
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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