I spent part of last week travelling. I got a good deal on a ticket to Atlanta Georgia that went by way of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and saved $150.00 over a more direct flight.   But it wasn’t just a trip to see how much of the Eastern Seaboard I could cover in one day. It had a purpose. The purpose was to attend a leadership intensive, but the side benefit was that on Sunday morning, I worshipped at 12stone Church and on Sunday evening, I was able to catch a service at one of the campuses of North Point. The total combined attendance at those two churches is greater than the combined population of Hammonds Plains and Bedford.  Can you imagine?  Now understand that’s not in one service or even in one location . . .  but still.
I love to see big things done for the Kingdom of God and while we shouldn’t expect every church to be like 12stone or North Point or every pastor to be like Kevin Myers or Andy Stanley, it wouldn’t hurt if we all had their passion for reaching the lost and for doing our very best possible to advance the Kingdom and introduce people to Jesus. 
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.