What’s the cost of cheating on your wife?  Apparently $7,000.00 and a reduction in rank.  At least that was the cost in the case of Retired Brigadier-general Daniel Menard now Retired Colonel Daniel Menard.  I’m not even sure that the punishment was for having an affair or if it was for having an affair with a subordinate?  Which would really limit the options for a brigadier-general.

But the cost can’t be measured in dollars and ranks.  We seem to forget that there was a cost that had to be paid by Menard’s wife and two sons, a cost that had to be paid by the female solider involved and a cost to be paid by the scandal to the Canadian military. Although that pales in comparison to the Russell Williams scandal. 
People rarely think about what the cost will be when they sin or who will have to pay the cost. Instead they are just thinking about the “right now” and they figure they have it all under control.  But really it goes back to: sin will take you further than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay and cost you more then you intended to pay.

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