Imagine finding your million-dollar lottery ticket on August 7th and then realizing that it had expired on August 6th.  Could happen.  Atlantic Lottery spokeswoman, Sarah MacBeath, was commenting on a Lotto Max ticket that has been unclaimed since last August and said, “We are really hoping that someone can come forward. Sometimes people put tickets away in their winter coats, or at the bottom of a purse or a junk drawer.”
The ticket was sold in Dartmouth last August and the Lottery has put out a press release letting people know that they only have a few weeks left if they want to claim the prize. They refer to it as a “winning ticket”, but unless someone claims the prize it’s just another piece of scrap paper, it only becomes a winner when someone makes the effort to claim it.
The grace of God is the same way.  As wonderful and incredible of a gift that God’s grace is, unless it is claimed and accepted it is worthless.  The lottery ticket in Dartmouth may never be found but the Grace of God can be found by whosoever will. The only question is:  Will that whosoever be you? 
Oh, and if the ticket is yours, the tithe is $100,000.00.   Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.