On my way to Beulah I saw an interesting store in Salisbury NB, it was a New Brunswick Liquor Clearance Centre? A clearance centre for booze!  Interesting. And it got me thinking.  I was wondering; will the savings carry over to the cost that alcohol has on society and families. I mean if someone saves 25% at the liquor store and then they are in an alcohol related accident will 25% fewer people die?  And if the driver is arrested and charged will they only have to serve 75% of their sentence?  If someone developed a drinking problem and became an alcoholic drinking spirits that were purchased on sale would they only have to attend a 9 step program? Would an abusive drinker be 25% more abusive or 25% less abusive because of the sale?
If someone shot and killed numerous people with a pistol, they had bought on sale there would be a great hue and cry concerning the person who sold the pistol.  So how come NB Liquor won’t have to be accountable for the cost and tragedy that comes from the misuse of their product? And I wonder how many more lives are lost because of alcohol as compared to guns but we haven’t tried to register drinkers.  Just wondering.
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.