I don’t really consider myself a prophet, but (there’s that pesky “but” again) five years ago I predicted that once the same sex marriage legislation was passed the courts would have to deal with polygamy, and here we are. 
For the past little while, the BC Supreme Court has been dealing with a case to determine if the ban on multiple spouses is constitutional.  Who would have thought?  I mean besides me?  It’s not that polygamy is something new, it has been practised by a break-away group of the Latter Day Saints for fifty years in Bountiful BC. Now we are hearing that it is a growing practice among Muslims in Toronto, and probably Halifax.  But I’m pretty sure it’s just that those who practiced it never really thought it was their constitutional right, but here we are. And if the court doesn’t find in their favour this time, eventually it will. 
According to a recent poll, when asked whether polygamy should be legal, just 15% of Canadians polled by Abacus Data said yes, 68% said no and 16% were unsure.  I’m not sure but I would suspect those were probably in the same range for same sex marriage a decade ago, and yet here we are.  Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.