So they fired the Aflac Duck.  Well they didn’t actually fire the duck,  they just fired his voice.  It is kind of an interesting situation. Aflac hired comedian Gilbert Gottfried who is known for his insensitive and offensive humour but then they fired him because he sent a tweet that was insensitive and offensive.  Who would have thought?  Really, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.   As for Gottfried’s tweets damaging Aflack’s reputation, I didn’t even know Gottfried was the duck until after they fired him, but now I have to wonder if I would trust an insurance company that would hire him as their spokesman. 
How often do we do  things knowing the potential consequences, and then we get all upset when what we should have known was going to happen, happened? 
Like people who buy a house in a flood plain and then are surprised when their house floods, or people who cheat on their spouse and can’t understand how they wound up divorced.  Or, or, or. . .

Seriously folks, not only did God give us His word to guide us, he also gave us common sense to use.  But it’s still up to us to read and use what he gave us.