As a country, we have now come together for a national season of prayer.  Collectively, even though most folks wouldn’t consider Canada to have a national religion, it becomes very apparent at this time of year that we have a common point of faith.  I’m not talking about the season of Lent leading into Easter, I’m talking about the great Canadian Religion.   That’s right it is time for, “Roll Up the Rim”, and in Tim Horton’s across Canada and into the States people are fervently whispering, “Please God, let it be the car”, as they roll up the rim of their coffee cups.   Of course, we have already explained the rules about Roll up the Rim at Cornerstone: You win it here you leave it here.
It is funny and sad, how many Christ Followers will get more excited over having won a free coffee or donut than they do about having experienced the grace of God, which results in eternal life.  They will talk about it to complete strangers, they will rejoice over it publically, and yet are silent about the great gift that God has given them.   And seriously the odds are much better with God’s Grace than they are with Tim’s. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.