Can anything good come from this? I think not.  Apparently a team of Russian scientist are ready to broach a lake in Antarctica that was been sealed since the last ice age.  Reports out of Moscow are that the group has been drilling for weeks to reach the lake hidden 3,750 metres (12,000 ft) beneath the polar ice cap.  Team leader  Alexei Turkeyev stated that they are only 5 metres from breaking through into what has been dubbed Lake Vostok.
A hidden network of subglacial lakes were discovered by satellite imagery in the late 1990s and scientists around the world are anxious to discover what mysteries the lakes might hold.  There have been theories that these pristine reserves could hold life forms that we have never experienced before.  Sounds like a plot in a science fiction movie, leading of course to all of humanity being rescued by Bruce Willis, or someone much younger. 
So we have an environment that has never been sullied by people and just above it is a12,000 foot borehole that has been pumped full of Kerosene and Freon to keep it from freezing shut.  You’d think we would have learned by now to leave well enough alone after the fiasco in the “Garden”. Apparently not.     Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.