Penn of Denn

Well, kudos to the Godless communists!  Last month government officials from China announced that they had shut down more than 60,000 pornographic websites and vowed to keep up their campaign against material deemed obscene.  Beijing has been running a highly publicized  battle against what was referred to as: smutty and lewd content overwhelming the country’s Internet and cell phones, threatening the emotional health of children.
I know there are all kinds of people who will denounce the move as government censorship.   So?  Wikileaks has already proved the existence of government censorship; this move at least is aimed at protecting children.
I read recently that the internet is made up of 30% retail, 30% porn and 30% lies, and we have provided our kids with a key to Pandora’s Box.  I fear for the generation whose moral outlook will be shaped by what is so widely available a mouse click away and whose relationships are defined by what pornographers have defined as normal. 
So, what is the answer?  It is the same as it’s always been. Society can’t be changed without people being changed.  Only God’s grace can change people but the church needs to be the messenger of that grace.  Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible