December 6th was the anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, but I’m sure most of you knew that. And you probably knew that it was the largest man made explosion until the explosion of the atomic bomb. The Halifax explosion has defined our city for the past 90 plus years. And I knew all those things but what I didn’t know, until just recently, was that my great grand-father was here when it happened. My mother’s grandfather was a young sailor from Estonia who jumped ship in Halifax to start a new life, but he wasn’t counting on being a part of history. Family folklore says that he was behind Citadel Hill when the two ships collided and escaped the force of the blast.

More than 1900 people died that day, but Pritu Rahnell did not, and because of that, I’m writing this today.

It was by choice that Pritu jumped ship in Halifax and it was by chance he was protected from the blast of the explosion. Each of our lives will be shaped by choice and by chance. We really can’t do much about the chance but we are the author of our choices. So instead of complaining about chance, we need to do our best with our choices. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible