It was supposed to be a prank that everybody would talk and laugh about for years. Instead it turned into a tragedy that cost one friend his life and another friend his freedom. All because someone didn’t stop to think.
On Thanksgiving Day, in Manchester Vermont, a 23 year old man decided to wake his visiting friend by shooting him in the chest with an air rifle. Except the air rifle was a real rifle and instead of surprising his friend he killed him. Which was probably a surprise but not the kind he was thinking of.
So Jeffrey Charbonneau is dead and his friend will be charged with his death because as the State Attorney said, “It was reckless behaviour and he meant to shoot the gun. This was not like they were hunting together or they were cleaning a gun.”
How often in our lives do things not turn out the way we had anticipated because we didn’t stop and think. We thought it would be funny or fun but never really thought it through and it ended in a much different way than we had anticipated.
God gave us a brain for a reason and if we take the time to use it we will probably have fewer regrets. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible