Russell is sorry. Well, that’s nice. Not! The disgraced former Colonel finally broke his silence on the last day of his trial to tell the world how “indescribably ashamed” he was concerning his actions. Indescribably ashamed might cover the disappointment that he caused for his family and the Canadian Forces. Indescribably ashamed might describe emotions at the pictures of him posing in lingerie that were shown in the media around the world, but it really doesn’t cut it in regards to his actions as a murderer and sexual predator.

If Russell Williams hadn’t been caught, I am very sceptical that Jessica Lloyd would have been his last victim. So the question is, did he “deeply regret” what he did or was he just sorry he got caught? We’ll probably never know. But unless a switch was thrown in the past few years that turned him into the monster he was, I would suspect that Williams is guilty of crimes that we will never know about.

On a smaller scale, how often have we committed actions that we are sorry for only because we have been caught? You understand, whatever it is that you are hiding, whether actions or attitudes, God already knows about it.
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