What are you passionate about? You have to be passionate about something. What is it that brings out the best in you or the worst? If you watch the news, it isn’t difficult to find out what folks are passionate about: their causes and hobby horses. And sometimes those passions change depending on where we are in our lives.

My son is passionate about the environment and how the poor are treated. It doesn’t take long if you are around him to discover his views. Last week in discussion with my daughter, I discovered that she is passionate about using cloth diapers and has no problem telling you why she uses them and why others should as well.

It was Winston Churchill who once stated, “A fanatic is someone who you can’t change their mind and they won’t change the subject.” If someone was to classify you as a fanatic what would they say you were fanatical about? Politics? Sports? The environment? Your career? Your family? Not bad things, in many cases good things, but remember, Jesus told us to Seek first the Kingdom of God and all those other things would fall into place. But if you neglect the Kingdom, in the end you will lose it Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.