Oops, or something like that. If you’ve been following the local news you’ve probably heard Irving Oil mentioned a time or two lately. In early August, they discovered their high-test gasoline wasn’t actually high test, so for a week they sold it at the same price as regular. Then they discovered the problem had been an ongoing one and they began issuing a 3 cent a litre refund to drivers who had purchased the premium brands since January 1. Now they have determined that the issue may date back to early 2008 and affected not only Irving gasoline but other brands that buy their gasoline from the Irving refinery. Oops!

I don’t use premium gasoline but if I did I would be a little ticked and a 3 cent a litre refund wouldn’t impress me much. After all, if I wanted to burn regular gas I would have bought regular gas.

But in the long term it really won’t matter much. What will matter more will be those who have bought into the Devil’s lie that what he has to offer is better than what God has to offer, and at the end of the day when people find out he lied there will be no refund, or even an apology. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.