Have you ever noticed how many accident reports on the news end with the words “alcohol may have been a factor”? Especially in the summer time. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t really seem to concern folks. If every weekend there was an accidental gun death there would be a national campaign to ban guns. If every weekend someone died as the result of a particular make of automobile we would demand that that automobile be taken off the road, not to mention the millions spent on an enquiry.

Last October everyone was in shock when a young folk singer was killed by coyotes. There was a demand that those coyotes be hunted down and destroyed and that the provincial bounty be reinstated on the animals, and that was the only recorded death by coyote in Canada, ever! And yet when we hear “alcohol may have been a factor” it doesn’t seem to register at all. There is no call to track down those who provided the alcohol, or those who encouraged the person to drink.

No one seems to connect the dots. Maybe if alcohol is a factor then maybe alcohol is to blame. But that’s just silly talk. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.