I have been smitten! As most of you know, there is another woman in my life and she is absolutely gorgeous. A blue-eyed blonde, she already has me wrapped around her little finger. So it looks like Angela is going to have to share me, and she doesn’t seem to mind. No, we aren’t moving to British Columbia to join Bountiful! We have a new granddaughter. You didn’t seriously think the Penn would have been about anything else this week did you? And so it made sense that I would drive 4 ½ hours to hold Capri for an hour and then drive home again. As I held my granddaughter and looked at my daughter I realized that the tiny bundle I was hold was a link to both the past and future, she was a reflection of what was and what would be.

It also brought home the fact that God has no grandchildren. It doesn’t matter what type of relationship our parents had with God, each new generation has to start out fresh in their relationship with Him. Each of us has to accept his offer to become one of his children. Have you? Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.