Since deciding to use the inukshuk as a theme for our summer messages, we have been on the quest to find inuksuit. (Now you know what the plural of inukshuk is!) And I realized that in our culture a lot of people are familiar with the term. I wouldn’t have thought that at all. I was at Costco and had an employee ask if they could help me find something,( I’m not making that up about the Costco employee asking to help by the way!), and when I said we were looking for an inukshuk he said, “We don’t have any yet but we are expecting some later in the season.” Then I was at Kent and inquiring about Styrofoam, when the clerk asked what we were going to do with it so I told him “build a giant inukshuk!” To which he replied, “Cool”. Yet somehow, I think that the same references south of the border might have elicited the reply, “You shook your what?” That is not a slam at our neighbours as most of you probably don’t know what chitlins are.

Our church culture has words and phrases that we are comfortable with but if we are trying to reach those who don’t know Jesus we might want to translate. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.