It has been said that one man’s meat, is another man’s poison and obviously one man’s art, is another man’s graffiti.

A clean-up crew was dispatched by Melbourne, Australia’s deputy mayor, Susan Riley, to clean up an alley, after residents complained about the dirty conditions. Part of the crew’s mandate, was to remove all graffiti from unapproved sites, simple enough. Obviously, they went about their work with a passion to do not just a good job, but to do a great job and in the process they painted over a parachuting, goggle wearing rat. And not just any parachuting, goggle wearing rat, but a parachuting, goggle wearing rat, which was created in 2003 by world-renowned British graffiti artist Banksy, one of the world’s best graffiti artists; a recluse who refuses to use his real name. Needless to say, city officials are a little embarrassed.

How often in our lives and our relationships, are our problems simply a matter of miscommunications? “I thought you meant get rid of all the graffiti, even the parachuting, goggle wearing rat.” Really, wouldn’t life be easier if we all just said what we meant and meant what we said? Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.