What’s with the Sandra Bullock, Jesse James thing? If you have caught any of the celebrity news at all, you have probably heard some of the story. Actress Sandra Bullock, who won both a Razzie and an Oscar this year, is estranged from her husband, celebrity mechanic Jessie James, after discovering he was guilty of multiple infidelities. Who did the man think he was? A professional golfer? What amazed me is how surprised and hurt she was, at the revelation of her husband’s affairs.

This was, after all, his third marriage and she had met him while he was still married to wife number 2. Maybe it never crossed her mind, that Jesse might have a problem with commitment and there might be a wife number 4 out there somewhere.

The news has been filled with accounts of celebrities acting badly, but it is not limited to actors, athletes and politicians; we just hear about them because of who they are. The problem isn’t that they are celebrities, the problem is that they are sinners, like all of us. And they don’t need rehab nearly as much as they need Jesus, like all of us. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.