Who would have thought there could be that much of a change? I was travelling the other day and decided to stop and use the restroom and grab a coffee. So I stopped at an Irving station, after all Irving stations are renowned for their clean restrooms. Apparently, this particular station hadn’t gotten the memo and the rest of the facility wasn’t a whole lot better.

Upon hearing my observation (whining), Jason commented that he had noticed the same thing in other stations since Circle K had taken over. And I was disappointed; I had always been able to count on a clean restroom at Irving stations.

Then I saw a couple of lessons to be learned. Once the vision is lost at the leadership level, it’s not long before the vision is lost by everyone and that applies to churches, as well as, service stations. Secondly, in people’s minds, it is the owner, Irving, who has lowered the standards, not the management Circle K. And so we have to be careful, because when the church stops behaving as it should, it is ultimately a reflection on the owner, Christ and not the management, us