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I love the diversity of God and God’s people. I had the privilege of worshipping with the folks at Full Gospel last Saturday evening during one their dedication weekend services. In Australia we had a saying. “They are as different as chalk and cheese.” After worshipping around the corner, I can truly say that Full Gospel and Cornerstone are as different as chalk and cheese. Isn’t that great!? But for all our differences there are many things we have in common and many passions that we share. We love and worship Jesus and we want to touch as many people as possible with His gospel and His love.

At Cornerstone we often say that we are here to help depopulate hell, and the reality is, we can’t do it alone.

I celebrate the diversity of the body of Christ because Full Gospel Church will reach folks who would never feel comfortable worshipping at Cornerstone or listening to Denn preach. And so I’m thankful that the pastor and people of Full Gospel have made the sacrifices they have made to help us fulfil our task of helping to depopulate hell. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.


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  1. Mr. Guptill,
    I find this post positively fascinating given your recent article with the Wesleyan Church… diversity of opinion didn’t seem to be celebrated there. In order to give you a fair chance to either buttress your original arguments or retract them I thought I would post here.

    I hope this most recent post on your blogsite is indeed a truer reflection or your personal beliefs- we may have more in common than I originally assumed.

  2. You don’t. But you should feel a sense of obligation to defend your positions well and reasonably. I am calling that into question- blogsites are run on opinion so I wouldn’t dream of asking you to keep them to yourself.

    Feel free to comment on anything I (or my readers) wrote on my own blogsite.

  3. But I’m a little confused by the reference back to the article in the Wesleyan Life where I simply pointed out the reasons why I don’t drink. Didn’t think I implied that you couldn’t be a believer and drink or that you were any less a believer if you did.

    But I would be remiss if I didn’t warn people of the consequences of behavior. The Complete text of that message can be downloaded at

    We probably have more in common than you realize.

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