Penn of Denn

When the kids were little, we had a dog named Kato. After we had the pup for awhile, we discovered that while he was friendly with the rest of the family, every once in a while he would nip two year old Deborah. Nobody else, just Deborah. Without warning, we would hear a scream and Deborah would inform us that the dog had bit her once again. We would scold the dog and life would go on. Truly a mystery.

Then one day, Angela happened to observe Kato and Deborah sitting on the stairs, when suddenly Deborah reached over and pinched the dog. Kato immediately snapped at Deborah and she screamed that the dog had bit her. The mystery was solved and we stopped scolding the poor dog. After awhile, Deborah learned that the dog didn’t like being pinched anymore than she enjoyed being bit, so she stopped pinching him and he stopped biting her. An amicable solution.

Maybe the situation in the Middle East is that simple; when the Hamas stop pinching Israel, then Israel will stop snapping at the Hamas. And until that happens, it really isn’t Israel that needs to be scolded. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.