I’ve always been pretty good at reacting, so in response to my aimless meandering through Toronto last month, I bought a GPS. Kind of geeky, but a cool toy for $99.00. And it’s really neat. You can put in where you want to go and not only will it tell you the best way to get there and not always the way we had planned, it will give you an approximation of when you will arrive, baring any unforeseen circumstances.

So I thought; neat, it does the same thing the bible does for believers. We want to go to heaven and it tells us the best way to get there, not always the way we had planned, but the best way. And it even gives us an approximation of when we will arrive (check out Hebrews 9:27). The big difference is, I think there are times that my GPS deliberately leads me astray, but I am confident that God’s word won’t.

Not everybody needs a GPS, not even sure Denn does, but if you are a Christ follower, you need a Bible and you need to read it. Hope you will join us for the next eight weeks as we “Discover the Word” together.