Penn of Denn

Angela and I went downtown last week and went for a walk in the Public Gardens and when I went to read a sign, I suddenly realized that everything was just a little bit fuzzy. And then I realized that I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Because I wear my glasses all the time, well most of the time, well the times I don’t leave them at home, I forget how fuzzy things can be without them. It’s kind of like the clarity we have when we look at things through Christ’s eyes. He allows us to see things the way they should be, instead of the way they are. When you look around and see friends and family who don’t know Jesus personally, are you tempted to think, “It’ll never happen”? Or do you see them where they could be, in a growing dynamic relationship with Christ? When you see Cornerstone, do you see it the way it is, or do you see it the way it will be? Cause you’ll never know how fuzzy things are, until you see how clear they can be. And you’ll never see things clear, until you look through HIS eyes. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.