What a bummer of a day it was.  First, when I was at Tim Hortons to finish things up for my Sunday message, I discovered I had lost my USB key that my nearly completed message was stored on.  Then, as I made my way in the torrential rain, I pushed the wrong button on my key fob and instead of unlocking the doors, it opened the roof, so I had to go home to get changed and dry my car out.
The Community Remembrance Day service that I had helped plan had to relocate to the community centre and the size of the crowd was just too large for the facility we had.  Bummer.
So let me recap. While I was enjoying a coffee that cost a day’s wage for many people of the world, I realized that I wasn’t able to put my message that I had prepared on my netbook, onto my laptop.  Then, I inadvertently put down the roof on my convertible in the rain and had to return home to put on dry clothes from my closet- full of clothes.   Then to top it off, we had way too many people show up for our Remembrance Day service.  No wonder I was bummed out.
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

One thought on “Poor Me

  1. I wonder what my answer will be someday when He askes me about the insignificant things that got me so upset and why I hardly raised an eyebrow about the important things.

    Doug I.

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